1. Traditional news media is evolving as new media is continuing to develop and be such a major part of everyday life. The news companies have realized that an online presence is imperative to be successful. A major platform that news is implementing is Twitter. It makes perfect sense for news because its nature allows for a 140 character description of the story along with a link to bring someone to the entire story. New media has helped news because it allows for the news to be right at our fingertips instead of having to sit down and watch the news on TV or wait for the daily newspaper. New media has benefited advertising tremendously. It is, for the most part, inexpensive and is an awesome way to connect directly with the target market. Advertisers are using all sorts of new media platforms. New media has allowed for some amazing and innovative advertising campaings such as Kraft Mac n Cheese’s “Smile” campaign and Grey Poupon’s “Society of Good Taste” campaign. Kraft untitled social media and implemented a noodle that had the capability to recognize facial features and “smile” when the person looking at it smiled. The campaign was fun, simple, and inexpensive. Grey Poupon wanted to emphasize the exclusivity of the type of people who eat Grey Poupon, so they created a Facebook page where people had to be accepted to like them. They were serious about the kind of people they wanted representing their product. According to Adweek, “Over the six-month course of the campaign, Grey Pouponended up rejecting some 35,000 applicants—more than the 32,000 it accepted.”The campaign was creative and targeted their market perfectly. Public relations has utilized new media too. A main component that new media has helped this profession with is getting the word out about a product or event. People who are following a brand on Twitter or have liked their Facebook page, they will most likely get notifications from these platforms about what the company is doing. If the company is hosting an event, what better way to get the word out than put it on social media. For broadcasting professionals, new media is huge. News is watched online. In fact, everything can be watched online. Youtube

 channels are huge as well as other live streaming websites. Many brpadcasting professionals have been an integral part in creating a stream of live video on traditional media’s websites. Such as when Amarillo Globe News came up with AGN TV where they run broadcasted news stories. New media has played a tremendous part in revolutionized traditional media platforms.

            2.  There were plenty of new media concepts we learned this semester and I am going to discuss some of them. I was very interested in user-generated content because it affects me directly right now and is such a smart way to advertise. Contests for logos, commercial ideas, and new flavors are only some of the ways companies are implementing this idea. Allowing for fans to use their own ideas not only cuts down costs, but also makes fans feel a close connection to the specific company. Another concept discussed was cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is growing and becoming an issue throughout many schools. It can take many forms, such as sending mean messages, spreading rumors, and breaking into other accounts. According to Bullying Statistics, over half of teens have been victims of cyber-bullying, but only 1 in 10 tells a parent. There are much needed protection strategies trying to be implemented and I believe measures should continue to be taken to stop this. Privacy is another huge issue which is being seen online. There are many debates about how far companies should be able to go to reach their users. I personally believe that some of the measures companies are taking are simply good advertising techniques. Knowing what other things your market is interested in helps you to relate to them and make them feel part of your company. Some people think that companies should not be allowed to do this in any way because it violates their right to privacy. Strong arguments can be made for both sides. Augmented reality is amazing. The fact thtat technology can allow us to be virtually anywhere in the world is crazy. So much work has been put into creating this augmented reality. According to Mashable, “As good as today’s virtual reality experiences are –in exhibition and in the home- they owe much to our rececent consumer technology past.” As AR technology continues to expand and grow it will be awesome to see what we will be able to do from the insides of our own homes. Some key terms that we discussed this semester will now be looked at. Search engine optimization is very important within a company. SEO allows for a company to come up online when certain key words are typed in. The higher a website is listed when someone is searching for something online, the more likely it is that the link will be clicked on and the company will get noticed. Crowdsourcing I can relate back to user generated content which I discussed earlier. Using other people for ideas is a great way to connect with an audience. It allows them to tell you what they want and give ideas to help the company succeed. I believe it is a great way to utilize materials and has helped many companies in many ways.

3. New media tools are making everyday lives easier and entertaining. One of my favorites is Pinterest. Pinterest allows for people to look at a tremendous amount of different content all in one place. There are tons of categories and people can type in whatever they want and pictures and ideas are sure to come up. Pinterest has over 70 million users and is continuing to grow. Corporate usage of this site is very smart because it generates more revenue for a company than any other social media platform. The pictures seen on Pinterest are linked to a site than will give full details of what the picture is portraying. If you are wanting to landscape your backyard and see a beautiful picture of one on Pinterest, most likely users will click the picture and take you to a website. If the link takes you to Home Depo where it gives you exactly everything you will need, users will do it. It is about simplicity, showmanship, convenience. Another new media tool is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is very savvy for commercial use. It allows companies to keep track of all social media in one place and have different tabs dedicated to different aspects for the company. It is a smart way to stay connected with people using your products. According to 7 Reasons Why Youi Should Use Hootsuite,one of the reasons is because of vast amount of networks and apps it supports. Linked In is growing and a huge help for companies. It is a great way to connect and have an online profile to get your name out there. Establishing a Linked In profile will help me in the future to land jobs and show possible employers a little more about me before they actually meet me. Storify is another new media tool which I never would have been aware of without this class. I know that in my future profession I will be utilizing social media and this is another way to keep everything in the same place. Learning to efficiently navigate Storify has helped me to be more well-rounded in utilizing social media in general. The last new media tool I want to talk about is Twitter because of how much it is really growing. Personal twitter accounts have been around quite a while, but it has just recently made the transition into corporate usage and that is one of the smartest things a company can do. It is one of the best ways to connect. From material the companies puts out about itself to what others are tagging the company in, utilizing twitter is smart. Replying to tweets is important if a company wants to really make it work and the use of some of the other tools I discussed earlier is making that process even easier. A combination of many new media tools will help companies to be successful because of today’s digital world.

            4. New media impacts our society in so many ways. We are part of a digital linkage where we feel the need to always be connected and there are so many ways to connect. From cellphone texting to Facebook to businesses incorporating media into their campaigning, we are surrounded. I had to go one day without any media and it was horrible. I felt so naked. Information is literally at our finger tips and it is truly amazing. We can learn so much and accomplish so much from our couches. “The Internet has become the fastest growing and widely used medium, especially in the Western World.” Without the Internet I truly believe we would be lost. I use it everyday for so moany different things as does most of today’s society. New media has brought people together and made communication easier than ever thought possible.





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Where to even begin..as soon as I am finished with this blog there will be another new technology. It is changing all around us and we may not even be aware of it. The biggest new media technologies I am aware of today I would say are Google Glass and interactive billboards. There are hundreds of new technologies but these are the ones I want to focus on. 

Google Glass

Google Glass was brought to my attention because of my New Media class with Dr. Emily Kinsky. She is someone who was awesome enough to be chosen to receive a pair of Google Glass and has shared them with the class. The technology involved in creating something like this is way over my head, but I love the fact that it is possible. Google Glass has so many capabilities and is still being worked on and tested as for the best ways to help people and give them want they want. Google Glass can do everything from take picture and immediately upload them to track exactly how make miles and the path you have ridden on your bike. New Apps are being made for Glass everyday. We did a project where we created out own Google Glass app and the class came up with some amazing ideas that I sure someone with implement with Glass at some point. Google Glass even came out with an App to make kids feel better and get their mind off sickness.This [the App on Glass] allows children to not only “visit” the zoo but go behind the scenes with zookeepers to get an up-close look at the animals.” The capabilites of Glass are endless and I am excited to see what the future holds for this product.

Interactive Billboards

These things are awesome! I want to go to New York City just so I can be a part of all of it. From Kraft Macaroni and Cheese making their noodles smile when other’s smile to American Eagle featuring you in their jeans, the capabilities are awesome. I just did an advertising campaing for Nike+ shoes and my team and I came up with the idea that when people walk by one of the Nike+ billboards, the shoes on their feet would change into Nike+ shoes and count the numbers of steps. I really hope someone in Nike thinks of this idea as well because I think it would be so cool.

As out Strategic Media Sales books mentions, engagement with the audience is so important in advertising. People want to feel as though the brand cares for the individuals. People like to feel like they are part of something. I believe that digital billboards are making great strides in accomplishing this. I can’t wait to see all the ways which brands will interactive directly with us using this new technology.


Mobile media is changing daily and follows us everywhere. If we are not in tune and up to date we will be left in the dust. According to Social Media Today, 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared everyday. Not saying that we need to see and read all of this content, but some of it is very important. With the simplicity of gaining information there is no reason not to. As companies and businesses become smarter with their advertising, they are making specific sites aimed at working well on cell phones. Companies now have Apps advertising and keeping people updated on the latest news and trends.

The computers in our Smart phones are amazing at what they can know about us and what they can accomplish. They can use geolocation to locate us and send specific notifications based on where we are. Nine in ten organization market content and they realize that simplicity matters to us. That is why, if they are smart, they make their content easily readable from our phones. Desktop computer usage is declining. We want information when we want it and the information is in most of our hands. Connecting with customers is vital today and with the capabilities of mobile marketing it is becoming easier. According to Chapter 12 of the Strategic Media Decisions book knowing the customer and how to reach them is imperative. Keeping a database of the companies customers is common and mobile is making it to where the companies can know far more about customers than they used to.

What’s Trending

According to The Guardian the top four mobile advertising trends to look out for are, mobile as priority, changing ad models, an evolution in buying and selling, and unrecognizable ad formats. Improved connection speeds are make mobile more prominent than ever. Phones are fast and ALWAYS with us. Ad models will continue to change. The same ad should not be used for a mobile device as would be used on a desktop computer. People normally do not watch lengthy videos on their phones, so the ads should not be lengthy either. Because of how smart our phones are and how smart they are continuing to get, the capabilities are endless. As time continues, there could be ways of actually clicking on a mobile ad to actually purchase a product. These ads are going to be very engaging but also very expensive, especially when they are first available. People in general are not a huge fan of ads, that’s why there are things like Netflix. Advertisers are becoming smarter and hiding the fact that they are advertising to you. Ads will become more subliminal and integrated that we will not even be able to tell we are being advertised to. Pretty cool when you think about it, and if you have a mind like mine.

Listen to the People

Following your customers reactions to the product is so important. If someone is tweeting about a company, it is awesome to get a response. Listening  and saying thank you or apologizing on behalf of the company being talked about makes consumers feel close to the brand. Understanding the concerns and what consumers are looking for is helpful in developing new strategies. Hootsuite is awesome for this kind of thing. Companies can know when and what is being said to them and have a chance to respond and gain customer loyalty. According to the book, connecting with the audience is

Get a Team

Have people whose jobs it is to manage the company’s social strategies. Again, connecting with the customer is key to success and by having people who are dedicated to doing just can make a huge impact. Getting the work out about the social media the company has is huge. If no one knows there is a Facebook page, it is going to be hard to like. The team or person if the budget is not there can also be responsible for this. Having someone who understands social media and can relate and interact with customers will prove beneficial to a steady following. The Internet has become vital in success. According to Chapter ten in our Media Decisions book, “the Internet is the most visible and easily recognized of the new media,” so use it and interact!

Measure the ROI

It might not seem important because the cost is usually fairly low regarding social advertising, but it is! Know just how much you are making and investing needs to be recorded. “As long as you’re not measuring, you will never understand how social media marketing can benefit your business.”

Twitter, Snapchat, and Videos

These are what is really trending. There all fast and fun and somewhat interactive. People tweet, and Snapchat is very in. Marketing and Snapchat together are still in the experimental phase, but where there is a will, there is a way. Snapchat is too popular to not be considered and I believe there will be more and more combined usage in the future.

People watch videos. People are tied to their phones and the digital world, and many times when we’re suppose to be working or studying, were just procrastinating and watching videos. So marketers should make videos! Make them fun. Make them entertaining. Generate buzz about your company. Videos are not loosing speed such as other platforms such as Facebook are. Youtube is as prominent as ever, its 100 hours of video uploaded… every hour prove that. So make a short video guys!

From Grey Poupon to the Volkswagon Beetle, this year has had some pretty sweet media plans. Grey Poupon went for the exclusivity idea making they’re Facebook exclusive that some people likes would be rescinded. While Volkswagon tried to shed the femininely by created a Beetle shark tank, partnering with the Discovery Channel.  Both campaigns worked. Volkwagon got great Facebook coverage and Grey Poupon made people feel superior. Proctor & Gamble raised there brand awareness by 22% by partnering with Olympics to thank the moms of athletes for all they do. They launched it with perfect timing right before mother’s day and made moms everywhere feel noticed and appreciated.

According to the Strategic Media Decisions book Media samples, one of the first steps in creating a great campaign is going through the situational analysis. This includes finding the target and discovering the purpose of the campaign. Each of the top media plans this year did this exceptionally well. The Navy and Love Campell Ewald executed finding there target market exceptionally by “playing on their market’s turf.” They used an app and advertised with The Walking Dead and the Superbowl. This got to their 18-24 year old market that they are aiming towards. Navy commander Brent Phillips, who leads Navy marketing was originally skeptical of tieing the navy in with zombies. He then through himself into the show to see if it was something the Navy would be okay associated with and if it would work. “So, I went and I watched all of Season 1 and Season 2. And what I found was the show did a good job of discussing moral dilemmas and positively reinforced the hard but right decisions that people make,” Phillips says, “I was able to get past the zombie element of it and then see the real point in the background: people that are trying to act with integrity despite a real hard situation.”

Almost every one of the top marketing campaigns somehow incorporated digital marketing. It is a prefect way to reach people and growing every day. From Call of Duty’s use of Youtube to Samsong’s use of Instagram, it is such a great way to connect with the audience. Great campaigns are being thought up everyday and it’s exciting to think of how we will be interacted with over the next year!

People always want to play games. With how preoccupied people are with technology and how glued people are to thier phones, it is a great way to get attention. Candy Crush has blown up for all ages, and look what happened with Flappy Bird. The advertising on these types of games is hard to miss.

The Diversity

The target audience is so large for these games and there are so many different types of games to choose from. Some are there to help with memory, some for problem-solving, some for stress relief and some for pure enjoyment. App developers are making crazy money and it is all from the advertising. according to Business Insider’s Kyle Russell, “This year, app developers will bring in $26 billion in revenue from app stores. In 2017, that number is expected to hit $77 billion.” 

The different companies are coming up with interactive games to keep people buying and playing. There are different prizes and redeemable coupons featured. Games buy ads to put on other similar games in hopes of bringing in a bigger audience. There is always a pop up or insert at the bottom of a game advertising another game to “Click here and play.”

Up to the minute the latest game that can be purchased for 99 cents is Slack Birds Pro-multiplay. Six minutes ago a game called Flappy Dog was released. It is crazy how many new games are constantly being released to the public. There are only so many game ideas, but app developers are not stopping anytime soon in the gaming world. Games make up 15% of the total apps. This is the second largest category next to books according to 148Apps.biz. That’s quite a bit considering they are merely for enjoyment and not much is truly gained from them (except money for advertisers.) It will be interesting to see how gaming apps continue to develop and how advertising will go along with them.



Print media is out and it’s all going digital. Every newspaper and magazine has on online presence, Newspaper readership is declining and so is magazines. Newspapers and magazines are not very environmental and they are costly. The ideas magazine companies are coming up with involving a tablet are revolutionary. The stories come alive and are at your fingertips any time you want. The tablets make stories and news accessible. Check out some of the previews of what companies like Sports Illustrated and Sunset Magazine are designing. They are truly amazing. Traditional magazines and newspapers served one purpose and one purpose only. The are not the easiest to keep on you. With the tablet, it is easy to have with you at all times and serves so many more purposes than traditional print mediums. 


Newsweek is very digital and they are exploring both the pros and cons of the end of traditional print. Even though traditional print is winding down, people still want and need the news. They like to get the scoop, whether it is hard news or the latest celebrity couple or breakup. This article explores how journalism will still live on and possibly more prominent than ever because of the convenience of it all. The technology is sweet and it is exciting to think about the ways it will continue to change.


Our class as a whole had some awesome ideas for our Google Glass project. There was so many unique ideas and I really think that a lot of these apps will be created in the future. Some of us should go work for Glass! There were ideas ranging from apps to make you a better dancer to apps to finding people hiding. Glass is going to change our lives. Everyday more and more advancements are made to make Glass more user friendly, and the makers will stop at nothing to be the best. Someday Glass will be just as common as an iPhone. I mean, who needs an iPhone when you can activate a phone, camera and internet without even touching anything and what you need appears on what is in front of you? 

The looks of glass are changing and soon they will be as popular as big glasses and Raybans and they will be so much more useful! I cannot wait to see how Glass continues to involve!

Television is becoming less prominent in the advertising world. I believe this because of personal experience. People are simply sick of waiting for commercials, except in cases like the Superbowl and the Olympics. This also has a lot to do with the fact that these are live events. People do not want to “Tivo” these events because if they have any access to other forms of media they will already know the results since these topics are such a big object of conversation while they are taking place. Advertisers during these events are expected to be super interesting and engaging, if not, viewers are upset and annoyed. Other advertisers pay for ads on OnDemand TV. These ads can not be fast forwarded, Another big niche for advertisers on TV stations is on series that have become very popular and are watched weekly such as the Walking Dead. Netflix and other video streamers are taking a huge toll on the TV advertising world, but there is always a way for advertisers to get in there, either right out there in the open or subliminally.


In my opinion, if you want to advertise on the radio, use Pandora or other streaming music. The ads cannot be fast forwarded and listeners are more likely to engage. According to Publisher’s Edge, 75% of people listen to the radio daily, but how many peple listen to the commercials? I know that I want music. Most people find a different station to avoid ads. Pandora, on the other hand gives you no choice.