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New day, new media, new technology. Every day there is something blowing our minds if we pay just pay attention. How can we be current? Soon enough we will be our grandparents who cannot seem to figure out Snapchat, iPhones and Twitter. We will be the ones out of date. We grew up with the technology we have now so we are the natives, but soon we will be the immigrants if we do not keep current. Technology is advancing so fast and more and more is available at our finger tips. Advancements are made everyday. The next generations will be natives to these advancements while we will be confused. So the struggle is we have to stay current unless we want to be the clueless ones. Study up on the latest and make some money so you can afford it because I am pretty sure we will all want whatever is coming next. After that we will want what is coming next: technology is timeless. People are smart, and making really cool things. The world is changing. We change with it or we fall off.




As most people know, the Super Bowl is huge. It has become a part of the American way. Friends and family everywhere gather to share queso, little smokies, and of coarse, beer, another part of the American way. People who have not watched a single game all year sit through this 4 hour show and many walk away still not knowing a single player’s name. Half of the audience does not even care about the game. What a perfect opportunity for advertising!   Some people are strictly in it for the advertisements. Loren Angelo, the director of Audi of America in Herndon, got it just right when she said, “There’s one critical thing we’ve learned: This has become the social bowl.” The super bowl is a time when brands want to shine: create a buzz about their brand. Funny, touching, creative, it does not matter, as long as they get people talking because people are definitely watching. As stated in chapter 3 of our text, television is the personal selling medium. Brands are selling themselves to you and you have no choice but to watch at this event, and who wouldn’t want to! The ads are classic.

The Latest on Super Bowl Ads

Guess what? Now we don’t even have to wait until Sunday to see some of the ads. Companies such as Axe, GoDaddy, Bud light and Squarespace are putting out previews and of their ads on social media sites to get a head start on the generated buzz. The commercials now have trailers! Some of the companies are leaking the entire commercials claiming it as a way to compete and get ahead. The commercials are leaked on all sorts of sites hoping to be seen and then redistributed to more common social media sites such as Facebook: perfect free media.

How many times do you see a video posted by a “friend” on Facebook and have this need to see what it is about? We all do! Sometimes they are a bust, but other times you immediately hit “like” as soon as its over. We have become so viral, so connected online. We trust out friends and what better way to avoid homework than clicking on the links they post instead of finishing that paper. We are constantly being updated about what our “friends” and “followers” think, like, and post. There is no way you can be on Facebook or twitter during the game and not have a play by play of what is going on, including the commercials!

The Super Bowl isn’t for 5 more days and I have already seen 5 full commercials which will be shown and several other “trailers” that I will have to wait to see how they end. The advertising industry goes crazy for the Super Bowl as they should.  According to the International Business Times, over 108 million Americans watched the Ravens and the 49ers last year. The companies are getting the exposure, so we better be impressed with some pretty clever commercials!