New day, new media, new technology. Every day there is something blowing our minds if we pay just pay attention. How can we be current? Soon enough we will be our grandparents who cannot seem to figure out Snapchat, iPhones and Twitter. We will be the ones out of date. We grew up with the technology we have now so we are the natives, but soon we will be the immigrants if we do not keep current. Technology is advancing so fast and more and more is available at our finger tips. Advancements are made everyday. The next generations will be natives to these advancements while we will be confused. So the struggle is we have to stay current unless we want to be the clueless ones. Study up on the latest and make some money so you can afford it because I am pretty sure we will all want whatever is coming next. After that we will want what is coming next: technology is timeless. People are smart, and making really cool things. The world is changing. We change with it or we fall off.