According to Nielsen the top Network TV show last week was the Grammy’s, no surprise there. Everyone wants to know who is the best or is said to the best whether we agree with them or not. It doesn’t really even make sense to me. I do not have the same tastes as those nominating the Grammy’s, but still it somehow generates so much attention. It is interesting to me that although the Grammy’s were top watched, they were not even among the top 10 in twitter TV ratings. No one seems to be tweeting about them. People tweet about Pretty Little Liars, NFL Honors, and The Bachelor. I  believe this is because of the audiences which are attracted to different shows. The target audiences play a huge role in the ratings and buzz they get going about the show. According to Chapter 4 in our text book Advertisers spend billions of dollars every year based on Nielsen television audiences estimates. These estimates allow the shows to know who is watching and give insight to what they can do to change or not change their audience and continue their growth. 

American and Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty has created quite the buzz throughout America since it was first aired. Why do we all like it so much? I believe it is because it is real. It depicts a real family and their interactions. It also doesn’t hurt that they are hilarious. It makes you aspire to be or be married to a bearded guy who makes duck calls. I don’t think any six year old would be saying that is what they want to be when they grow up, but here we are, wishing to make duck calls in the rugged Louisiana. Not only is Duck Dynasty the most watched television series ever, but they are also making millions on their advertising sales. People are wearing shirts with quotes from the beloved Si. Who would have thought that a camo shirt with an old guy with a gray beard that reads, “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY” would be so popular? America loves what it loves. Duck Dynasty also has shown strong, traditional Christian values which brings in a strong following as well. People like to see people who are standing for something and the Robertson family definitely does. I have to admit I am a definite fan of the show and it is hard to find people around here who would disagree with me.