Got Myself an Internship

I got an internship with the Amarillo Venom Arena Hockey team. Yay! Since I really want to stay in the sports field I was very happy with this. I cannot see my life without sports, but I am comfortable saying I no longer feel the need to play at the level I was playing. Soccer was good for me and helped me to become the person I am today, but I am okay with stepping off of the field for a little while. This internship allows me to stay around the environment which I love and also allows me to learn so much about the field I want to go into: advertising.

Getting Started

Stephanie Tucker (the owner of the venom) immediately put me to work. She had an idea for an anti-bullying and suicide awareness program that she wanted to start involving the Venom players and the local junior high schools and high schools. She gave me a basic rundown of what she had in mind and said, “Go!” She told me this is my campaign that I will build and see all the way through. We came up with the program name: “Be Someone’s Hero.” I started by coming up with a logo that I really liked. Of, coarse, as anyone who has been in creative knows, this took a couple of tries.

My first idea was creating a red cape and putting a black mask over it and working the slogan into this design. I got through making it and hated it. I then started another design, but trashed that one thinking it looked to girly. Third time is a charm, I loved my thirsd design. It says “Be Someone’s” in white with a red border and then “HERO” Is much bigger and capitalized in the middle of one of those explosive star designs that are featured in comic books with words like “KAPOW” in them. The middle of the “KAPOW” design is yellow with a skinny black border then it goes to red, and then to blue. I continued with the flyer with a brief description of what the program was and finished up with the Venom logo and a could of short, easy to read messages.

I sent Stephanie my draft and she loved it too. Now I am working with the head of graphics to incorporate the Venom logo into my design. It’s really cool stuff. I wrote up a letter I will be sending out to all of the principals around and came up with some talking points that we will also send. I cannot wait to see how the campaign will turn out and all of the great and stressful things that are bound to come up!