Out of home advertising is becoming more and more popular and advanced. It can be found everywhere. Some of it is subliminal that people hardly notice it, but it is still there. It is basically unavoidable, and what the OOH advertisers can do today is amazing. It’s not simply a sign saying: “stop for a big mac.” These digital signage ads are more than a picture. They are actual experiences. They’re are games and 3D and live streaming. What some of the big cities are doing with this type of marketing is super cool and it’s working! People love games, they love incentives, they love surprises. Companies are making themselves known by using the public’s engagement. 

Super Cool Uses

American Eagle did a campaign about their market experiencing 15 minutes of fame where they could go in and get their picture taken in American Eagle apparel and their picture would be broadcasted in time square. Disney did a similar campaign allowing people to feel as if they are a part of the brand. People love attention and these campaigns gave them that. According to an article in Ad Age GranataPet, a dog food company placed a billboard on the side of a building with a dog bowl hung down and when owners would walk by with their pets and check in with their phones, a sample of dog food would be dispensed for the pet. According to Digital Signage, Coca-cola launched a campaign this Valentine’s Day where a vending machine would only appear to couples. Digital Signage honors the best in digital signage, two of which are Crayola and BMW. Crayola did an amazing campaign called Discover the Magic of Color where kids could color digitally and they’re drawings would then be displayed all over the room. It turned “art alive!” BMW created a window where live traffic in New York was turned into BMW concept vehicles to show what they have planned for the future.


What’s Next?

It will be truly amazing to see what advertisers will come up with next. The industry is evolving every day and it is exciting. OOH digital marketing will only grow with the technology. Advertisers love when people are talking about their brand and with this digital signage, there are definitely ways to get people talking.