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Print media is out and it’s all going digital. Every newspaper and magazine has on online presence, Newspaper readership is declining and so is magazines. Newspapers and magazines are not very environmental and they are costly. The ideas magazine companies are coming up with involving a tablet are revolutionary. The stories come alive and are at your fingertips any time you want. The tablets make stories and news accessible. Check out some of the previews of what companies like Sports Illustrated and Sunset Magazine are designing. They are truly amazing. Traditional magazines and newspapers served one purpose and one purpose only. The are not the easiest to keep on you. With the tablet, it is easy to have with you at all times and serves so many more purposes than traditional print mediums. 


Newsweek is very digital and they are exploring both the pros and cons of the end of traditional print. Even though traditional print is winding down, people still want and need the news. They like to get the scoop, whether it is hard news or the latest celebrity couple or breakup. This article explores how journalism will still live on and possibly more prominent than ever because of the convenience of it all. The technology is sweet and it is exciting to think about the ways it will continue to change.



Our class as a whole had some awesome ideas for our Google Glass project. There was so many unique ideas and I really think that a lot of these apps will be created in the future. Some of us should go work for Glass! There were ideas ranging from apps to make you a better dancer to apps to finding people hiding. Glass is going to change our lives. Everyday more and more advancements are made to make Glass more user friendly, and the makers will stop at nothing to be the best. Someday Glass will be just as common as an iPhone. I mean, who needs an iPhone when you can activate a phone, camera and internet without even touching anything and what you need appears on what is in front of you? 

The looks of glass are changing and soon they will be as popular as big glasses and Raybans and they will be so much more useful! I cannot wait to see how Glass continues to involve!

Television is becoming less prominent in the advertising world. I believe this because of personal experience. People are simply sick of waiting for commercials, except in cases like the Superbowl and the Olympics. This also has a lot to do with the fact that these are live events. People do not want to “Tivo” these events because if they have any access to other forms of media they will already know the results since these topics are such a big object of conversation while they are taking place. Advertisers during these events are expected to be super interesting and engaging, if not, viewers are upset and annoyed. Other advertisers pay for ads on OnDemand TV. These ads can not be fast forwarded, Another big niche for advertisers on TV stations is on series that have become very popular and are watched weekly such as the Walking Dead. Netflix and other video streamers are taking a huge toll on the TV advertising world, but there is always a way for advertisers to get in there, either right out there in the open or subliminally.


In my opinion, if you want to advertise on the radio, use Pandora or other streaming music. The ads cannot be fast forwarded and listeners are more likely to engage. According to Publisher’s Edge, 75% of people listen to the radio daily, but how many peple listen to the commercials? I know that I want music. Most people find a different station to avoid ads. Pandora, on the other hand gives you no choice.