People always want to play games. With how preoccupied people are with technology and how glued people are to thier phones, it is a great way to get attention. Candy Crush has blown up for all ages, and look what happened with Flappy Bird. The advertising on these types of games is hard to miss.

The Diversity

The target audience is so large for these games and there are so many different types of games to choose from. Some are there to help with memory, some for problem-solving, some for stress relief and some for pure enjoyment. App developers are making crazy money and it is all from the advertising. according to Business Insider’s Kyle Russell, “This year, app developers will bring in $26 billion in revenue from app stores. In 2017, that number is expected to hit $77 billion.” 

The different companies are coming up with interactive games to keep people buying and playing. There are different prizes and redeemable coupons featured. Games buy ads to put on other similar games in hopes of bringing in a bigger audience. There is always a pop up or insert at the bottom of a game advertising another game to “Click here and play.”

Up to the minute the latest game that can be purchased for 99 cents is Slack Birds Pro-multiplay. Six minutes ago a game called Flappy Dog was released. It is crazy how many new games are constantly being released to the public. There are only so many game ideas, but app developers are not stopping anytime soon in the gaming world. Games make up 15% of the total apps. This is the second largest category next to books according to That’s quite a bit considering they are merely for enjoyment and not much is truly gained from them (except money for advertisers.) It will be interesting to see how gaming apps continue to develop and how advertising will go along with them.