From Grey Poupon to the Volkswagon Beetle, this year has had some pretty sweet media plans. Grey Poupon went for the exclusivity idea making they’re Facebook exclusive that some people likes would be rescinded. While Volkswagon tried to shed the femininely by created a Beetle shark tank, partnering with the Discovery Channel.  Both campaigns worked. Volkwagon got great Facebook coverage and Grey Poupon made people feel superior. Proctor & Gamble raised there brand awareness by 22% by partnering with Olympics to thank the moms of athletes for all they do. They launched it with perfect timing right before mother’s day and made moms everywhere feel noticed and appreciated.

According to the Strategic Media Decisions book Media samples, one of the first steps in creating a great campaign is going through the situational analysis. This includes finding the target and discovering the purpose of the campaign. Each of the top media plans this year did this exceptionally well. The Navy and Love Campell Ewald executed finding there target market exceptionally by “playing on their market’s turf.” They used an app and advertised with The Walking Dead and the Superbowl. This got to their 18-24 year old market that they are aiming towards. Navy commander Brent Phillips, who leads Navy marketing was originally skeptical of tieing the navy in with zombies. He then through himself into the show to see if it was something the Navy would be okay associated with and if it would work. “So, I went and I watched all of Season 1 and Season 2. And what I found was the show did a good job of discussing moral dilemmas and positively reinforced the hard but right decisions that people make,” Phillips says, “I was able to get past the zombie element of it and then see the real point in the background: people that are trying to act with integrity despite a real hard situation.”

Almost every one of the top marketing campaigns somehow incorporated digital marketing. It is a prefect way to reach people and growing every day. From Call of Duty’s use of Youtube to Samsong’s use of Instagram, it is such a great way to connect with the audience. Great campaigns are being thought up everyday and it’s exciting to think of how we will be interacted with over the next year!