Listen to the People

Following your customers reactions to the product is so important. If someone is tweeting about a company, it is awesome to get a response. Listening  and saying thank you or apologizing on behalf of the company being talked about makes consumers feel close to the brand. Understanding the concerns and what consumers are looking for is helpful in developing new strategies. Hootsuite is awesome for this kind of thing. Companies can know when and what is being said to them and have a chance to respond and gain customer loyalty. According to the book, connecting with the audience is

Get a Team

Have people whose jobs it is to manage the company’s social strategies. Again, connecting with the customer is key to success and by having people who are dedicated to doing just can make a huge impact. Getting the work out about the social media the company has is huge. If no one knows there is a Facebook page, it is going to be hard to like. The team or person if the budget is not there can also be responsible for this. Having someone who understands social media and can relate and interact with customers will prove beneficial to a steady following. The Internet has become vital in success. According to Chapter ten in our Media Decisions book, “the Internet is the most visible and easily recognized of the new media,” so use it and interact!

Measure the ROI

It might not seem important because the cost is usually fairly low regarding social advertising, but it is! Know just how much you are making and investing needs to be recorded. “As long as you’re not measuring, you will never understand how social media marketing can benefit your business.”

Twitter, Snapchat, and Videos

These are what is really trending. There all fast and fun and somewhat interactive. People tweet, and Snapchat is very in. Marketing and Snapchat together are still in the experimental phase, but where there is a will, there is a way. Snapchat is too popular to not be considered and I believe there will be more and more combined usage in the future.

People watch videos. People are tied to their phones and the digital world, and many times when we’re suppose to be working or studying, were just procrastinating and watching videos. So marketers should make videos! Make them fun. Make them entertaining. Generate buzz about your company. Videos are not loosing speed such as other platforms such as Facebook are. Youtube is as prominent as ever, its 100 hours of video uploaded… every hour prove that. So make a short video guys!