Mobile media is changing daily and follows us everywhere. If we are not in tune and up to date we will be left in the dust. According to Social Media Today, 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared everyday. Not saying that we need to see and read all of this content, but some of it is very important. With the simplicity of gaining information there is no reason not to. As companies and businesses become smarter with their advertising, they are making specific sites aimed at working well on cell phones. Companies now have Apps advertising and keeping people updated on the latest news and trends.

The computers in our Smart phones are amazing at what they can know about us and what they can accomplish. They can use geolocation to locate us and send specific notifications based on where we are. Nine in ten organization market content and they realize that simplicity matters to us. That is why, if they are smart, they make their content easily readable from our phones. Desktop computer usage is declining. We want information when we want it and the information is in most of our hands. Connecting with customers is vital today and with the capabilities of mobile marketing it is becoming easier. According to Chapter 12 of the Strategic Media Decisions book knowing the customer and how to reach them is imperative. Keeping a database of the companies customers is common and mobile is making it to where the companies can know far more about customers than they used to.

What’s Trending

According to The Guardian the top four mobile advertising trends to look out for are, mobile as priority, changing ad models, an evolution in buying and selling, and unrecognizable ad formats. Improved connection speeds are make mobile more prominent than ever. Phones are fast and ALWAYS with us. Ad models will continue to change. The same ad should not be used for a mobile device as would be used on a desktop computer. People normally do not watch lengthy videos on their phones, so the ads should not be lengthy either. Because of how smart our phones are and how smart they are continuing to get, the capabilities are endless. As time continues, there could be ways of actually clicking on a mobile ad to actually purchase a product. These ads are going to be very engaging but also very expensive, especially when they are first available. People in general are not a huge fan of ads, that’s why there are things like Netflix. Advertisers are becoming smarter and hiding the fact that they are advertising to you. Ads will become more subliminal and integrated that we will not even be able to tell we are being advertised to. Pretty cool when you think about it, and if you have a mind like mine.