Where to even begin..as soon as I am finished with this blog there will be another new technology. It is changing all around us and we may not even be aware of it. The biggest new media technologies I am aware of today I would say are Google Glass and interactive billboards. There are hundreds of new technologies but these are the ones I want to focus on. 

Google Glass

Google Glass was brought to my attention because of my New Media class with Dr. Emily Kinsky. She is someone who was awesome enough to be chosen to receive a pair of Google Glass and has shared them with the class. The technology involved in creating something like this is way over my head, but I love the fact that it is possible. Google Glass has so many capabilities and is still being worked on and tested as for the best ways to help people and give them want they want. Google Glass can do everything from take picture and immediately upload them to track exactly how make miles and the path you have ridden on your bike. New Apps are being made for Glass everyday. We did a project where we created out own Google Glass app and the class came up with some amazing ideas that I sure someone with implement with Glass at some point. Google Glass even came out with an App to make kids feel better and get their mind off sickness.This [the App on Glass] allows children to not only “visit” the zoo but go behind the scenes with zookeepers to get an up-close look at the animals.” The capabilites of Glass are endless and I am excited to see what the future holds for this product.

Interactive Billboards

These things are awesome! I want to go to New York City just so I can be a part of all of it. From Kraft Macaroni and Cheese making their noodles smile when other’s smile to American Eagle featuring you in their jeans, the capabilities are awesome. I just did an advertising campaing for Nike+ shoes and my team and I came up with the idea that when people walk by one of the Nike+ billboards, the shoes on their feet would change into Nike+ shoes and count the numbers of steps. I really hope someone in Nike thinks of this idea as well because I think it would be so cool.

As out Strategic Media Sales books mentions, engagement with the audience is so important in advertising. People want to feel as though the brand cares for the individuals. People like to feel like they are part of something. I believe that digital billboards are making great strides in accomplishing this. I can’t wait to see all the ways which brands will interactive directly with us using this new technology.