Out of home advertising is becoming more and more popular and advanced. It can be found everywhere. Some of it is subliminal that people hardly notice it, but it is still there. It is basically unavoidable, and what the OOH advertisers can do today is amazing. It’s not simply a sign saying: “stop for a big mac.” These digital signage ads are more than a picture. They are actual experiences. They’re are games and 3D and live streaming. What some of the big cities are doing with this type of marketing is super cool and it’s working! People love games, they love incentives, they love surprises. Companies are making themselves known by using the public’s engagement. 

Super Cool Uses

American Eagle did a campaign about their market experiencing 15 minutes of fame where they could go in and get their picture taken in American Eagle apparel and their picture would be broadcasted in time square. Disney did a similar campaign allowing people to feel as if they are a part of the brand. People love attention and these campaigns gave them that. According to an article in Ad Age GranataPet, a dog food company placed a billboard on the side of a building with a dog bowl hung down and when owners would walk by with their pets and check in with their phones, a sample of dog food would be dispensed for the pet. According to Digital Signage, Coca-cola launched a campaign this Valentine’s Day where a vending machine would only appear to couples. Digital Signage honors the best in digital signage, two of which are Crayola and BMW. Crayola did an amazing campaign called Discover the Magic of Color where kids could color digitally and they’re drawings would then be displayed all over the room. It turned “art alive!” BMW created a window where live traffic in New York was turned into BMW concept vehicles to show what they have planned for the future.


What’s Next?

It will be truly amazing to see what advertisers will come up with next. The industry is evolving every day and it is exciting. OOH digital marketing will only grow with the technology. Advertisers love when people are talking about their brand and with this digital signage, there are definitely ways to get people talking.



The Keys to Success

Local media differs from national. It is more specific and directional. Advertisers target a specific market and choose to advertise to them, not the generic population. The first key to local media planning success is matching media with markets According to the text in Chapter seven, some important factors in this area to consider are the “breadth” of the audience and geographic considerations. Certain advertisers call for certain ways they should be marketed, Some advertisers will do better with billboards, some better with radio and others with newspaper. Each client needs to be evaluated to figure out which system will do the most good and bring them the most exposure and success. The second key is the local market profile. Out text states shows three different examples of a market profile. The first is a large city, the second is a small city with a major university, and the third is a tourist area. This list is nowhere near exclusive, but gives a few good areas to start with. This is important because local advertisers need to know who they are marketing to to better see what approach they should take. The third key to local media planning success is research on a local level. To really get to know your market, the researcher needs to use both facts and research and human instinct and observation. With the right combination of these two, it will become easier to know exactly the best plan for success.

Media Sources Available Around Here

There is a great variety of media sources in this area. Advertisers can market with local tv, local radio stations (make note of marketing on the right station for the audience), local newspapers, billboards, park benches, social media, mail, email, flyers put in local businesses and schools. Ads can also be placed on shopping carts, floors of department and grocery stores, in the windows of businesses, buses, websites, yard signs, product placement in local tv programs,

This Specific Market: Good Ol’ Amarillo

The Amarillo market is made up of roughly 250,000 people. The median age range as of 2010 is 34. The highest percentage of the market is in the 35-54 age range and average household income is roughly $45,000. This information was all gathered from the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation. The major employers of this area in manufacturing are B&W Pantex and Bell Helicopter Textron. The major employers in food processors and distributors are Tyson Foods and Affiliated Foods, Inc.. The major employers for businesses and financial services are Hastings and Western National Life/ Valic. Other top employers of the area include: Amarillo Independent School District, Baptist St. Anthony’s Health System, City of Amarillo, Northwest Texas Healthcare System, Xcel Energy, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and Amarillo College. This was also found of the Amarillo EDC website. “Policom Corp. placed Amarillo at No. 134 in its Economic Strength Rankings — ninth out of Texas metropolitan areas, according to the Amarillo Economic Development Corp.” It jumped up 22 places in just one year. The economy is described and financially stable with better ratings in almost every economy related topic compared to the U.S. as a whole. Click here for the chart.

Specific Markets to Medium.

a. Out-of-Home
i.    Medium: Billboard
ii.   Advertiser: Coyote Bluff Cafe
iii.  Rationale: Amarillo prides itself on great burgers and I must say this place is up there with the best. Their is only one location and it is not an overly big place. This type of medium would allow for the small business to have a lot of eyes see a bug juicy burger. Let’s face it, that makes Texans hungry.

b. Newspaper
i.    Medium: Amarillo-Globe News
ii.   Advertiser: Amarillo Venom Arena Football Team
iii.  Rationale: Sports has and always will be a popular section in newspapers. A great thing about a local team using this medium is the audience it will attract. Many people reading these are older and most likely have time and money: perfect for spending an evening watching football. This audience also tends to be tied in with the local community if they are reading newspapers and going to local sporting events boosts the community and is a lot of fun.

c. Magazine
i.    Medium: Amarillo Magazine
ii.   Advertiser:  The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
iii.  Rationale: People who are reading this magazine want to know what is specifically going on with Amarillo. What does Amarillo and the surrounding areas have to offer them? The Museum is a great part of this area that people could forget about if they are not reminded that it is so close and of the great experience it has to offer. It would connect well with an audience who is interested and tied to the community.

d. Radio
i.    Medium: 93.1 The Beat
ii.    Advertiser: I Don’t Know Sports Bar and Grill
iii.   Rationale: This station tends to connect with an age range that would likely be drawn to a new bar and grill. It plays new pop and rap as compared to the country stations around here. A major selling point of I Don’t Know is the large variety of beers they have on tap. They should market it as a fun place to go for college age students and those right out of college. This station gets a lot of traffic from this group.

e. Radio
i.     Medium: KFDA News Channel Ten
ii.    Advertiser: McFarlin’s Jewelry
iii.    Rationale: This medium would generate a lot of exposure. The audience that would typically be watching the news is older and therefore typically has more money to spend of jewelry. The company should have enough money to buy a slot and since they are competing with major brand names such as Barnes Jewelry it could be good to get their name out there. They could also try to use a more unique selling point instead of jewelry that all looks the same. Smaller, local companies such as this one need to get their name out there to be successful.


Got Myself an Internship

I got an internship with the Amarillo Venom Arena Hockey team. Yay! Since I really want to stay in the sports field I was very happy with this. I cannot see my life without sports, but I am comfortable saying I no longer feel the need to play at the level I was playing. Soccer was good for me and helped me to become the person I am today, but I am okay with stepping off of the field for a little while. This internship allows me to stay around the environment which I love and also allows me to learn so much about the field I want to go into: advertising.

Getting Started

Stephanie Tucker (the owner of the venom) immediately put me to work. She had an idea for an anti-bullying and suicide awareness program that she wanted to start involving the Venom players and the local junior high schools and high schools. She gave me a basic rundown of what she had in mind and said, “Go!” She told me this is my campaign that I will build and see all the way through. We came up with the program name: “Be Someone’s Hero.” I started by coming up with a logo that I really liked. Of, coarse, as anyone who has been in creative knows, this took a couple of tries.

My first idea was creating a red cape and putting a black mask over it and working the slogan into this design. I got through making it and hated it. I then started another design, but trashed that one thinking it looked to girly. Third time is a charm, I loved my thirsd design. It says “Be Someone’s” in white with a red border and then “HERO” Is much bigger and capitalized in the middle of one of those explosive star designs that are featured in comic books with words like “KAPOW” in them. The middle of the “KAPOW” design is yellow with a skinny black border then it goes to red, and then to blue. I continued with the flyer with a brief description of what the program was and finished up with the Venom logo and a could of short, easy to read messages.

I sent Stephanie my draft and she loved it too. Now I am working with the head of graphics to incorporate the Venom logo into my design. It’s really cool stuff. I wrote up a letter I will be sending out to all of the principals around and came up with some talking points that we will also send. I cannot wait to see how the campaign will turn out and all of the great and stressful things that are bound to come up!


According to Nielsen the top Network TV show last week was the Grammy’s, no surprise there. Everyone wants to know who is the best or is said to the best whether we agree with them or not. It doesn’t really even make sense to me. I do not have the same tastes as those nominating the Grammy’s, but still it somehow generates so much attention. It is interesting to me that although the Grammy’s were top watched, they were not even among the top 10 in twitter TV ratings. No one seems to be tweeting about them. People tweet about Pretty Little Liars, NFL Honors, and The Bachelor. I  believe this is because of the audiences which are attracted to different shows. The target audiences play a huge role in the ratings and buzz they get going about the show. According to Chapter 4 in our text book Advertisers spend billions of dollars every year based on Nielsen television audiences estimates. These estimates allow the shows to know who is watching and give insight to what they can do to change or not change their audience and continue their growth. 

American and Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty has created quite the buzz throughout America since it was first aired. Why do we all like it so much? I believe it is because it is real. It depicts a real family and their interactions. It also doesn’t hurt that they are hilarious. It makes you aspire to be or be married to a bearded guy who makes duck calls. I don’t think any six year old would be saying that is what they want to be when they grow up, but here we are, wishing to make duck calls in the rugged Louisiana. Not only is Duck Dynasty the most watched television series ever, but they are also making millions on their advertising sales. People are wearing shirts with quotes from the beloved Si. Who would have thought that a camo shirt with an old guy with a gray beard that reads, “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY” would be so popular? America loves what it loves. Duck Dynasty also has shown strong, traditional Christian values which brings in a strong following as well. People like to see people who are standing for something and the Robertson family definitely does. I have to admit I am a definite fan of the show and it is hard to find people around here who would disagree with me.

New day, new media, new technology. Every day there is something blowing our minds if we pay just pay attention. How can we be current? Soon enough we will be our grandparents who cannot seem to figure out Snapchat, iPhones and Twitter. We will be the ones out of date. We grew up with the technology we have now so we are the natives, but soon we will be the immigrants if we do not keep current. Technology is advancing so fast and more and more is available at our finger tips. Advancements are made everyday. The next generations will be natives to these advancements while we will be confused. So the struggle is we have to stay current unless we want to be the clueless ones. Study up on the latest and make some money so you can afford it because I am pretty sure we will all want whatever is coming next. After that we will want what is coming next: technology is timeless. People are smart, and making really cool things. The world is changing. We change with it or we fall off.



As most people know, the Super Bowl is huge. It has become a part of the American way. Friends and family everywhere gather to share queso, little smokies, and of coarse, beer, another part of the American way. People who have not watched a single game all year sit through this 4 hour show and many walk away still not knowing a single player’s name. Half of the audience does not even care about the game. What a perfect opportunity for advertising!   Some people are strictly in it for the advertisements. Loren Angelo, the director of Audi of America in Herndon, got it just right when she said, “There’s one critical thing we’ve learned: This has become the social bowl.” The super bowl is a time when brands want to shine: create a buzz about their brand. Funny, touching, creative, it does not matter, as long as they get people talking because people are definitely watching. As stated in chapter 3 of our text, television is the personal selling medium. Brands are selling themselves to you and you have no choice but to watch at this event, and who wouldn’t want to! The ads are classic.

The Latest on Super Bowl Ads

Guess what? Now we don’t even have to wait until Sunday to see some of the ads. Companies such as Axe, GoDaddy, Bud light and Squarespace are putting out previews and of their ads on social media sites to get a head start on the generated buzz. The commercials now have trailers! Some of the companies are leaking the entire commercials claiming it as a way to compete and get ahead. The commercials are leaked on all sorts of sites hoping to be seen and then redistributed to more common social media sites such as Facebook: perfect free media.

How many times do you see a video posted by a “friend” on Facebook and have this need to see what it is about? We all do! Sometimes they are a bust, but other times you immediately hit “like” as soon as its over. We have become so viral, so connected online. We trust out friends and what better way to avoid homework than clicking on the links they post instead of finishing that paper. We are constantly being updated about what our “friends” and “followers” think, like, and post. There is no way you can be on Facebook or twitter during the game and not have a play by play of what is going on, including the commercials!

The Super Bowl isn’t for 5 more days and I have already seen 5 full commercials which will be shown and several other “trailers” that I will have to wait to see how they end. The advertising industry goes crazy for the Super Bowl as they should.  According to the International Business Times, over 108 million Americans watched the Ravens and the 49ers last year. The companies are getting the exposure, so we better be impressed with some pretty clever commercials!